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George C. Walton, CHMM
President and Co-Owner

George Walton served as a Regular Army officer for over seven years and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters.  After leaving the Army, he was a field supervisor and technical director for two emergency response / hazardous materials recovery companies and was the operations manager of a Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) in New Jersey that managed explosive, reactive, and energetic materials. He founded Reactives Management Corporation in 1986. Mr. Walton's explosive ordnance disposal background became the basis for the primary services provided by RMC.

He has been involved in various church, fraternal, and professional organizations, and was a judge/referee for US Rowing.

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Cherie C. Walton, CSP
Vice President and Co-Owner

Cherie Walton joined Reactives Management in 1993 and soon discovered that working with explosives was a blast (pun intended)!  After gaining several years of experience in the safety and environmental fields - and after 10.5 grueling hours of testing - she became a Certified Safety Professional and has been a safety consultant and hazardous waste specialist ever since. She became the co-owner of Reactives Management Corporation in 1997.

At RMC, Mrs. Walton performs a wide variety of tasks, such as preparing and certifying hazardous materials for transportation; developing health and safety manuals; performs on-site treatment of reactive and explosive wastes; drafts and updates training materials; and pets the cat(s).  As a Qualified Person for Fall Protection, Mrs. Walton writes and reviews fall protection and prevention plans, primarily for roofing contractors.  As a contractor, she is the Explosives Safety Officer at NASA Langley Research Center.

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David D. Shuster

Explosives Technician

Dave Shuster was in the U.S. Navy from 1957 to 1963 where he served as a training devices technician and instructor.  In 1963, he joined NASA and entered an experimental facilities mechanic/pyrotechnic technician apprenticeship.  He has worked on small explosive devices for flight work and testing, as well as solid and liquid fuel rocket engines-captive testing.  Mr. Shuster has also worked in the full scale tunnel as test technician; in the electronics division setting up and running a plated-through circuit production laboratory; and in the microelectronics laboratory cutting circuit schematics and sputtering various substrates for flight projects.

Mr. Shuster retired from NASA in 1998 after 34 years of employment and for the past 15 years has been a museum educator with the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton, Virginia and has performed many hours of volunteer teaching basic sciences to scouts, schools, and other groups.

Mr. Shuster joined Reactives Management in 2006 as an explosives technician to assist with explosives projects and training, primarily at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

Lucille "Lucy"
Certified Activities Trainer (CAT)

At a very young age, Lucy found herself an unwed mother with a 4-month old kitten and pregnant again.  Tired of wandering the streets, sleeping in storm drains, and depending on the kindness of strangers for food, Lucy decided to make her home with the people who fed her the best treats.  She moved into Reactives Management in October of 2009, shortly before her kittens were born.  After an 8-week maternity leave, Lucy assumed her duties as Certified Activities Trainer.

As the CAT, Lucy's primary job is to properly train all humans in accordance with CAT regulations.  Her other accomplishments include training the staff to pick up everything she throws on the floor; opening the front door on command; and stopping to pet her whenever she flops over on her side.  She has taught students and visitors alike to pet her on command and to bring her kitty treats.  Outdoors, her primary duty is to ensure that local and migrating birds stay clear of the front door.

The Navis Team

George and Cherie Walton purchased the Chesapeake, Virginia franchise of Navis Pack and Ship in April of 2009.  Navis Pack and Ship specializes in the packing and world-wide shipment of fragile, large, awkward, and valuable items, such as fine art, office and industrial equipment, vehicles, and antiques.  We have packed and shipped goods from southeastern Virginia to Asia, Africa, Europe, across the United States, and within South Hampton Roads.  Examples of goods shipped include antiques and grandfathers' clocks; a WWII airplane; dairy processing equipment; computer terminals, servers, printers; lasers and other medical equipment; custom artwork; household goods and furniture; and many other items.

Don't need shipping? Navis also performs commercial and residential small moves, fabricates custom fiberboard (cardboard) boxes, and designs and builds wooden crates that are ISPM-15 compliant.  Our exceptional customer service allows us to be the leading solution for getting anything fragile, large, awkward, or valuable to and from consumers and businesses worldwide.

T. Marc Winans
Warehouse Manager

When one door closes, another opens.  Mr. Winans received the Navis job offer on Super Bowl Sunday, 2009 and the very next day found out his current job in Ohio was being eliminated due to downsizing.  He uprooted his family and moved to Virginia to start his new career as the Warehouse Manager at Navis Pack and Ship in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Mr. Winans was largely responsible for setting up the entire Chesapeake franchise operation.  Currently, he manages all aspects of box and crate design and fabrication in addition to all other aspects of warehouse management.  He enjoys the challenge of designing packing that ensures the items arrive safely wherever they are going in the world.  From your most prized, delicate item to large industrial equipment, Mr. Winans handles your items as if they were his own.

Tracy L. Winans
Operations Manager

While Mr. Winans was setting up the Navis Chesapeake franchise, Mrs. Winans was handling the multitude of details that go along with moving to a new state.  She finally arrived in July of 2009, three months after Navis' grand opening.

Mrs. Winans' job at Navis Pack and Ship is to solve your packing and shipping problems.  She is particularly good at logistics. She uses her strong analytical skills to evaluate each project and find a way to make it happen.  Whatever your need, be they big or small, give her a call!

Mrs. Winans is an integral part of our operation. We bought hand cuffs to prevent her from taking vacations, but she found the key.

Primary Agent for Warehouse Security (PAWS)

Cassie's parents split up long before she was born in October of 2011.  Knowing her mother could not adequately provide for her or her sickly twin brother, she took her brother and ran away from home to try and make a better life for them both.  Unfortunately, her brother's illness was fatal. Devastated by the loss, she directed her attention to learning a trade and soon found that that she had a natural talent for keeping riff-raff such as snakes, mice, and grasshoppers out of the Navis warehouse.  She also discovered the food in the warehouse was pretty tasty and she didn't have to catch it herself.

Her days are now filled with maintaining security in the warehouse. She climbs the 24' extension ladder daily to check the mezzanine for the presence of intruders.  On breaks, she naps in her heated kitty bed or plays with local insects.  The insects don't seem to enjoy playtime as much as Cassie does.

Cassie is a movie star.  Check out her YouTube video:



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